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What is Burning Man?

Burning Man is a temporary community and annual, week-long festival held in the Black Rock desert, Nevada. It’s bad crazy at impossible speeds. The ultimate canvas.

Who are ND Burners?

We’re a group of Burning Man attendees located in North Dakota who hold annual social gatherings and stay in touch throughout the year.

First Timer’s Guide

We were all virgins once, even if we thought we had it all figured out. We’ve gathered some of our collected wisdom here so you might stop doing it wrong.

Melting Man

February, 24 2024

Fargo, ND

Your neighborhood regionals are hosting our annual gathering! Let’s see how many Midwest burners we can get all in one place. Last year’s record is eight. Contact if you’d like to attend.

Meet Your Regionals


We’re the lucky clowns tasked with keeping the locals in check. We’re both long-time burners and Fargo natives. Most of our time is spent wondering who else is out there, as burners in North Dakota are hard to come by. 

Hey Cougar Bait, How Was Burning Man?


Each year we struggle with decompressing, integrating our various experiences, and then trying to explain what the hell happened to everyone else. Watch Cougar Bait’s annual attempt to keep it all together.

10 Principals of Burning Man in 10 Minutes

Fargonaut gives a rundown of the ten principles.

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